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Your Ultimate Destination For Authentic, Home-Made Hair Oil
Crafted With A Harmonious Blend Of Natural Herbs And Oils.
We Take Pride In Offering You A Hair Care Solution That Is Second To None
When It Comes To Nourishing And Rejuvenating Your Precious Locks.
What Sets Us Apart Is Our Meticulous Selection Of Premium Ingredients
That Are Renowned For Their Incredible Benefits.

AL Hair
AL Hair
AL Hair
AL Hair

Our Vital Ingredients


Deeply Moisturize &
Condition The Hair For
Luster & Resilience.


Strengthens Hair Follicles,
Preventing Breakage &
Stimulating Growth


High Mineral Content,
Nourishes The Scalp & Helps
Maintain A Healthy PH Balance

Sesame &
Black Sesame

Infuse Your Hair With
Vital Nutrients, Leaving It Soft,
Shiny And Full Of Life.


Rich In Vitamin C, Strengthens
The Hair Follicles & Promotes
Healthy Growth


Prevents Hair Loss And
Revitalizes & Conditions
The Hair


Stimulates Hair Follicles,
Encouraging Thick And
Lustrous Tresses


Powder Nourishes
The Scalp And
Prevents Dandruff

Our Ingredients Are Known For Their Ability To Combat Hair Loss, Strengthen Hair Follicles &
Improve Scalp Health. Additionally, The Soothing Presence Of Camphor Lends A Refreshing &
Invigorating Sensation To Our Hair Oil, Leaving You With A Truly Revitalizing Experience.

Other Beneficial Ingredients In AL Hair









AL Hair - Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Hair Care

Dear Cherished Readers,

I Am Paragi Kamdar, The Heart Behind AL Hair, Sharing With You A Legacy Of Exquisite Hair Care Deeply Rooted In The Wisdom Of Indian Rishis & Esteemed Royal Traditions. My Journey, Adorned With Long, Strong & Lustrous Locks, Inspired The Creation Of AL Hair's Unique Approach To Hair Nourishment.

At AL Hair, Each Precious Drop Of Our Meticulously Crafted Hair Oil Is Infused With The Pure Goodness Of Nature. Guided By Age-Old Wisdom, We Employ Traditional Techniques Passed Down Through Generations, Blending Herbs Renowned For Hair-Strengthening Properties With The Purest Oils To Revitalize Your Hair From Root To Tip.

This Isn't Just About Hair Care; It's A Journey Of Self-Discovery & Indulgence. Our Commitment Extends To Sustainability & Eco-Conscious Practices, With Ethically Sourced Ingredients. AL Hair Is A Holistic Experience That Not Only Nourishes Your Hair But Also Provides A Soothing And Calming Ritual For Your Mind & Spirit.

Join Us On This Transformative Adventure, Where Authenticity Meets Elegance. Our Dedicated Team Of Experts Is Here To Guide You, Offering Personalized Recommendations & Tips To Help You Achieve Your Hair Goals. Embrace Your Natural Beauty With AL Hair, Where Tradition And Modernity Converge For An Exceptional Hair Care Experience.

With Love & Authenticity,
Paragi Kamdar, Founder Of AL Hair.

We Are On A Mission To Unlock The Secrets Of Nature
For The Ultimate Hair Nourishment
Through Our Meticulous Blend Of Handpicked Herbs And Oils,
We Strive To Provide You With Authentic, Home-Made Hair
Oil That Caters To All Hair Types.
Experience The Power Of Nature For Truly Beautiful Hair.

What Makes Us Different From Other Hair Oils?

AL Hair Stands Out For Its Commitment To Using Fully Natural Herbs And Oils In Its Formulation. Our Carefully Selected Ingredients Are Known For Their Hair Nourishing Properties, Ensuring A Truly Authentic And Effective Solution For All Hair Types.

Can AL Hair Help With Specific Hair Concerns?

Yes, AL Hair Is Designed To Address Various Hair Concerns. Our Unique Blend Of Natural Herbs And Oils Provides Deep Nourishment To Combat Dryness, Strengthen Hair Follicles, And Promote Healthy Hair Growth. Many Of Our Customers Have Experienced Positive Results In Managing Their Hair Concerns With Regular Use.

Is AL Hair Suitable For All Hair Types?

Yes, AL Hair Is Formulated To Be Suitable For All Hair Types. Whether You Have Straight, Wavy, Curly, Or Coily Hair, Our Hair Oil Can Provide The Nourishment Your Hair Needs. Our Customers With Diverse Hair Textures Have Reported Positive Results And Improved Hair Health After Using AL Hair Regularly.

Is AL Hair Tested On Animals?

No, We Are Proud To Say That AL Hair Is A Cruelty-free Product. We Are Committed To Providing Ethical And Sustainable Solutions, And We Do Not Conduct Any Animal Testing. Our Focus Is On Creating A Product That Is Both Effective And Environmentally Friendly.

Can I Use AL Hair Alongside Other Hair Care Products?

Absolutely! AL Hair Can Be Easily Incorporated Into Your Existing Hair Care Routine. You Can Use It Alongside Your Regular Shampoo, Conditioner, Or Styling Products. In Fact, Many Of Our Customers Have Reported Enhanced Results By Combining The Benefits Of AL Hair With Their Favorite Hair Care Products.

Do I Shake The Bottle Before Using The Oil?

Yes, It Is Recommended To Shake The Bottle Before Using The Oil. This Helps Ensure That The Herb Particles Are Evenly Distributed Throughout The Oil, Allowing You To Experience The Full Benefits Of Our Nourishing Formula. Simply Give The Bottle A Gentle Shake Before Each Use To Ensure The Ingredients Are Well Mixed And Ready To Provide Optimal Nourishment To Your Hair.

Are The Herbs And Oils Used In AL Hair Sourced Sustainably?

Absolutely! We Take Great Pride In Sourcing Our Herbs And Oils Sustainably. We Work Closely With Local Farmers And Suppliers Who Share Our Values, Ensuring That We Obtain High-quality Ingredients While Also Supporting Environmentally Friendly Practices.

How Often Should I Use AL Hair?

For Optimal Results, We Recommend Using AL Hair At Least Twice A Week. Massage A Small Amount Of The Oil Onto Your Scalp And Hair, Leave It On For A Few Hours Or Overnight, And Then Rinse It Out. Consistency Is Key To Experiencing The Full Benefits Of Our Nourishing Formula.

Can AL Hair Be Used On Chemically Treated Or Colored Hair?

Absolutely! AL Hair Is Safe To Use On Chemically Treated Or Colored Hair. In Fact, Our Natural Ingredients Can Help Restore And Revitalize Hair That May Have Been Damaged By Chemical Treatments Or Coloring Processes. It's A Great Choice For Maintaining The Health And Vibrancy Of Your Hair.

How Long Does A Bottle Of AL Hair Last?

The Duration A Bottle Of AL Hair Lasts Can Vary Depending On Individual Usage. However, As Our Oil Is Highly Concentrated, A Little Goes A Long Way. On Average, One Bottle Can Last Between One To Two Months, Depending On The Frequency And Amount Used During Each Application.

What Are The Small Particles In The Oil?

The Small Particles You May Notice In Our Hair Oil Are Actually Herb Particles Intentionally Included As Part Of Our Hair Nourishment Formula. These Particles Contain Concentrated Extracts From The Herbs Used In AL Hair, Providing An Extra Boost Of Natural Goodness To Nourish Your Hair.

How Can I Get In Touch With AL Hair's Customer Support?

We're Here To Help! If You Have Any Additional Questions Or Concerns, Please Don't Hesitate To Reach Out To Our Friendly Customer Support Team. You Can Contact Us Via Email At

PHONE NUMBER : +91 91670 34332
ADDRESS : Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400053
Maharashtra, India

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